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5 Reasons to Get a Viatical Settlement

A viatical settlement is when a life insurance policyholder sells their policy to a third-party buyer in exchange for a cash settlement. While a viatical settlement shares some similarities with a life settlement, there are some key differences. The biggest of these is that viatical settlements are designed specifically for the terminally ill. You can pursue …


Gifts for Your Valentine

As February approaches, lovers scramble to find the perfect gifts for each other. Regardless of how long you have been in a relationship with your significant other, Valentine’s Day is often an important date for many as it serves as a reminder of how grateful you are that the other person is in your life. …

Law Tips

Coping With the Stress of Being Sued

There are few people who enjoy going over legal documents due to their frequently complicated nature, and receiving a letter from a plaintiff’s lawyer stating a lawsuit is being filed will tie a knot in anyone’s stomach. It’s a dreaded experience for anyone, and if you’ve never experienced a lawsuit, it can be downright terrifying. …