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Business and Finance Technology Tips

Useful Tech Practices and Resources for Your Business

As a business owner or manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure the business is running as efficiently as possible—fortunately, technology developments over the years have made managing and changing business aspects easier than ever. But if companies fail to keep up with the latest technology, they may find themselves falling behind the competition. So …

Business and Finance

5 Online Resources Available for Professional Development

Regardless of what profession you’re in, you’ll always find opportunities for professional development that will allow you to enhance your knowledge and skills in a way that will benefit your ability to perform your job.  Many online learning opportunities provide ongoing education credits, certifications, and extra knowledge. While certifications can enhance your resume and make …

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What Is a Salvage Title Car and Should I Buy One?

Salvage title cars are rising in popularity, with them being some of the best investments that buyers can make in the short term. Everybody needs a car to get around town, but not everyone wants to buy a brand-new vehicle. That’s where salvage cars come in and offer a viable alternative in the market. Buyers …

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Howard Fensterman: The Modern Day Renaissance Man

Howard Fensterman received his J.D. from Georgetown Law Center. He began his own law firm which, over the past 19 years, has expanded to include 85 attorneys, all across New York state. He is now the founder and managing partner of a firm consisting of seven other well-respected lawyers.  Health care attorney  One of his …

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Careers in the Legal Profession: Overview of Career Options Across the Country

According to data from the American Bar Association (ABA), between 2008 and 2018, the number of lawyers in the United States has increased by 15 percent. The legal industry has not only seen growth in practicing lawyers, but it has also seen growth in its need for lawyers who specialize in a specific area of …