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Business and Finance

3 Things to Outsource Immediately to Scale Your Business

It’s every small business’s dream to inevitably grow and prosper. That’s why you put in the hard work of hiring the right people, investing in marketing, and improving your customer service. When your business is on the cusp of scaling up, you can do a few things to streamline the process. Outsourcing is a great …

Business and Finance Law Marketing

Ways to Market Yourself as an Attorney

In order for an attorney’s skill set to be useful, they must find work. Marketing yourself as an attorney can be difficult, especially with the public’s tendency to lump most attorneys into the same generic category. Knowledge of marketing yourself on the internet and in-person can, therefore, be invaluable, and here are a few ways …

Business and Finance Real Estate

The Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Landlord in Texas

Becoming a landlord in Texas can be a profitable venture, particularly if you own property in a larger city, such as Houston or Austin. With the median gross rent in the state coming in at just under $1,000 a month, and the occupancy rate more than 90 percent, properties don’t stay vacant for long. However, …