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Business and Finance Technology Tips

Call Center Solutions for the Automotive Industry

In recent years, call center solutions have become an increasingly popular way for businesses in the automotive industry to gain an edge over the competition and provide a superior customer experience. With the increasing pace of globalization, growing competition in the automotive industry has provided customers with more options when buying a vehicle, leading customers …

Business and Finance Technology Tips

3 Ways Tech Is Changing the Way We Do Business

The rapid evolution of technology has allowed for positive changes in businesses in nearly every way. Businesses can reach customers across a wider area, reach them faster, earn profits faster, conduct more comprehensive research, and automation can save workers from dangerous or time-consuming tasks. Businesses are often the first adopters of new technologies. Greater speed …


5 Reasons to Get a Viatical Settlement

A viatical settlement is when a life insurance policyholder sells their policy to a third-party buyer in exchange for a cash settlement. While a viatical settlement shares some similarities with a life settlement, there are some key differences. The biggest of these is that viatical settlements are designed specifically for the terminally ill. You can pursue …